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Our steepest routes

Whether you've decided to train for a trail run or just want to push yourself, JOOKS is here to help. If you're not one to shy away from a challenge, we've put together a list of our steepest and most challenging routes. From Canada to Algeria, Greece to South Africa, we've got you covered!

  • Hong Kong

La baie de Hong Kong
The bay of Hong Kong

With its incomparable density, Hong Kong combines frenetic urbanism with nearby nature. Our route The Island and Victoria Peak will take you to the summit of Victoria Peak, which rises to over 500m and offers panoramic views of skyscrapers and the harbour, all the way to the hills of the New Territories. You'll also pass through the city center to discover some remarkable parks and sites, such as the Man Mo temple. All this with over 1300m of ascent. Watch your calves!

The Island and Victoria Peak: 10,7km - 1385m elevation difference

  • Lisbon

Le fameux tramway de Lisbonne
Lisbon's famous tramway

The Portuguese capital, located at the mouth of the Tagus River, is built on seven hills. While this gives the city its undeniable charm, it's no easy walk. On our route From Bairro Alto to Alfama, you'll pass through working-class neighborhoods with an authentic atmosphere, where Lisbon's identity is gradually revealed. From the narrow, steep streets of Alfama to the colorful alleys of Barrio Alto, each stage offers splendid views.

From Bairro Alto to Alfama: 9,5km - 295m elevation difference

  • San Francisco

Le Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge

Like Lisbon, San Francisco is built on hills. Forty of them, to be precise. So it's hardly surprising that the city is full of steep, uphill, downhill, narrow, wide or even zigzagging streets. Let our City by the Bay route guide you through these unusual streets. Pass through the eclectic Haight-Ashbury district and its rows of colorful Victorian houses, make your way through the heart of Chinatown and enjoy beautiful views over the city. But beware of the incline!

The City by the Bay: 18,3km - 547m elevation difference

  • Marseille

Le Vieux Port et Notre-Dame de la Garde
The Old Port and Notre-Dame de la Garde

Founded 2,600 years ago by the Greeks, Marseille is one of France's oldest cities. So it's hardly surprising that it's home to so many treasures! In just 15km, our route The Greek City invites you to travel back in time through emblematic monuments such as the Palais Longchamp and La Major. But beware: Marseille is a city that rises and falls with each new district. The magnificent view of the port from Notre-Dame de la Garde is well worth the effort!

The Greek City: 15,2km - 369m elevation difference

  • Vancouver

Le centre-ville de Vancouver et le Burrard Bridge
Downtown Vancouver and the Burrard Bridge

Nestled between the mountains and the ocean, Vancouver abounds in sublime buildings and breathtaking scenery. It may not be as well known as Montreal or Toronto, but it's still one of the most livable cities in the world. Its magnificent views and landscapes will reveal themselves to you on our route Vancouver, from top to bottom. Through the city streets and along English Bay and False Creek, you're sure to fall under the spell of the Canadian city.

Vancouver, from top to bottom: 16,7km - 513m elevation difference

  • Athens

Vue sur l'Acropole et le Parthénon
View of the Acropolis and Parthenon

The cradle of democracy, Athens is often considered a stopover on the way to the Greek islands or the Peloponnese. However, with its captivating museums, lively neighborhoods and numerous bars and restaurants, the city of Athena is well worth a visit. Take our Ancient City, Modern City route and admire the city from the hills! It's just a short step from antiquity to the 21st century. Learn about the history of the Pnyx, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Kapnikaréa Church and the chic Kolonáki district.

Ancient City, Modern City : 13,7km - 389m elevation difference

  • Algiers

Le centre historique d'Alger
The historic center of Algiers

Composed of low-rise and high-rise neighborhoods, Algiers is ideal for those looking for a challenge. Put on your most comfortable sneakers for a long stroll through the center of Algiers with our Discovery of the White City route. As you wind your way through a maze of narrow streets, marvel at the Algerian capital and its finest treasures. From the Kasbah to the Bardo National Museum, via the very commercial Rue Didouche Mourad, the city will hold no more secrets for you!

Discovery of the White City : 11,2km - 508m elevation difference

  • Cinque Terre

Le village de Manarola
The village of Manarola

Built into the cliffs of steep hills overlooking the Mediterranean, the Cinque Terre is a veritable enclave of beauty. Ideal for disconnecting from everyday life, our The religious Manarola itinerary will guide you through the village's picturesque alleyways and along the surrounding rocky paths. Between spirituality and breathtaking views, you can learn more about the church of San Lorenzo and the sanctuary of Our Lady of Soviore.

The religious Manarola: 6,3km - 702m elevation difference

  • Cape Town

Coucher de soleil sur Table Mountain
Sunset on Table Mountain

A city of contrasts, Cape Town lies at the crossroads of continents, looking towards both America and Asia, with an undeniable European influence. The southernmost city on the African continent is also a city in relief, nestled at the foot of Signal Hill and Table Mountain and battered by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Our charming route The Mother City will take you on a tour of Cape Town's must-sees, as well as magnificent landscapes such as the Green Point Lighthouse and the Cape Town Ferris Wheel.

The Mother City: 14,5km - 363m elevation difference

  • Luxembourg city

Forteresse de Luxembourg
Luxembourg Fortress

Luxembourg may be one of Europe's smallest countries, but it's not lacking in charm. First and foremost its capital, with its fortress surrounded by the River Alzette and perched atop a rocky outcrop. A setting worthy of a fairy tale! Our route A Complete Tour of Luxembourg will take you through the historic quarters of the Gibraltar of the North, as well as some of the most powerful institutions in Europe and the world, all on an itinerary combining city and trail.

A Complete Tour of Luxembourg: 14,3km - 436m elevation difference

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