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Over 30 000 users

Encourage your employees to be more active!

JOOKS Pro, a unique sport/health/well-being app for your company workforce 

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2019 CES 

Innovation Award

The benefits of physical activity

Sports and physical activities are key to living a happier, healthier, more productive and more creative life in the workplace.Our mission is to help people become more active and make physical activity a part of their daily lives for their own sake, their company’s and for society in general.

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Benefits for the employee

  • +3 years of life expectancy

  • 6 years gain in dependency age

  • 30-34€ savings per year 


Benefits for the company

  • 6-9% of extra productivity

  • 4-14% extra profitability

  • 30-40% reduction in terms of absenteeism

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Benefits for society

  • 308-348€ savings on annual health budget


JOOKS Pro is an app designed to help you exercise independently. 


The app promotes well-being and health through regular physical activity and sport for all, thanks to fun and engaging suggestions that encourage social interaction. 


JOOKS Pro is the ideal way to strengthen your focus on company-wide physical activity and well-being and providing a turnkey solution for quality of life at work and social and environmental responsibility awareness. 


JOOKS Pro has been honoured with 18 awards world-wide for its distinctiveness and innovative use of technology and offers 3 types of services to its users: 

Outdoor routes

JOOKS Pro provides a series of outdoor audio-guided tours just outside your offices and all around the world to keep on discovering new and interesting places while running, walking, cycling or wheel-chairing. 

Video-assisted exercises

JOOKS Pro gives the user access to simple, yet effective video-assisted exercises within our fascinating tours, but also at the office, at home or in a hotel room. 

Well-being deals

JOOKS Pro users get access to hundreds of exceptional ethical, sports, health and well-being deals to improve your workforce's purchasing power. 


An app to get you moving

JOOKS can help users with numerous activities including:

  • Audio-guided walking/running/cycling tours starting from the workplace or from thousands of destinations around the world with cultural anecdotes and exercises.  

  • Video-guided health routes using outdoor street furniture to provide a basis for a variety of exercises.

  • Active meeting routes ("Co-walking" or "walking meetings")

  • Staff onboarding routes to showcase nearby amenities.

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An app to discover

  • JOOKS enables your workforce to discover or rediscover their local environment:

  • Walking, running and discovery routes around your premises. 

  • Great deals around your premises or frequently used hotels.

  • Routes close to your customers or company hotels. 

  • Routes in over 300 cities worldwide.

  • If you don't have any routes nearby, the JOOKS app will automatically create them.

An app to help the planet

JOOKS encourages your workforce to make their contribution to the preservation of the planet:

  • For every 100km covered while using JOOKS, a tree is planted in areas affected by deforestation with the help of our partner Planète Urgence.

  • The app encourages employees to pick up rubbish on their way. 

  • The app informs employees about the air quality and allergens on each route.


An app to challenge

JOOKS is a great tool for companies to organise challenges:

  • Audio-guided races (running, walking, Nordic walking...) with or without performance and time challenges (Strava link available).

  • Challenges on the distance done over a period of time. 



An app to reward

Activity in JOOKS Pro is rewarded with: 

  • Discounts at local, national and international retailers.

  • Points valued by the company.  

An app for well-being

JOOKS encourages a healthier lifestyle with tips on:

  • Fitness (exercises to do at the office, at home, at the hotel...)

  • Nutrition (weekly menu suggestions by a dietician with online purchase of meal baskets). 

  • Relaxation.

  • Breathing.

Available from the summer of 2023. 

Our mission

"Our aim is to trigger the desire to practice sport or physical activity and to anchor it in the daily life of as many people as possible. "

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