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Discovering the capital's playgrounds

As the 2024 Olympic Games approach, the City of Paris invites you to discover or rediscover the most beautiful playgrounds in the capital. Thanks to two routes available on the JOOKS application, enjoy a sporting and cultural stroll to the best basketball courts in Paris.

While New York remains the benchmark in the field, Paris has a large number of outdoor basketball courts that have nothing to envy its American counterparts. In fact, about 15 of them have been renovated as part of a partnership between the City of Paris and the French Basketball Federation, with the support of the Caisse d'Épargne and the National Sports Agency.

Jules Ladoumègue playground © Jean-Baptiste Gurliat/Ville de Paris

Most of these renovations were done in association with artists and designers who brought their unique touch to the playgrounds. Your run will take you for example to the Ladoumègue playgrounds which were renovated by the designer Dararith Pach or the Claude Bernard playground which is the work of the artist Don Mateo.

Whether they are mythical, like the Charles Moureu court, inaugurated by American pro basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or completely graphic, like the Vincent-Auriol physical education court, each playground will have something to seduce you.

The mural "La Madre secular 2" by the artist Inti

The southern route will lead you in the footsteps of several street art artists whose works adorn the walls of the capital. You will pass in particular the imposing fresco "La Madre Secular 2" of the Chilean artist Inti, which represents a lay Madonna mixing traditional and contemporary elements. You will also pass the no less impressive mural by the American artist OBEY (real name Shepard Fairey), entitled "A delicate balance", which evokes the threats to our environment.

The routes are both lined with anecdotes that will teach you more about Paris, sports and street art. Don't miss the opportunity to learn while you play. Go to the JOOKS application to test the two Playground courses of the City of Paris!

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