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Best cities to travel alone as a woman

Many women are reluctant to travel solo, mainly for fear of loneliness but also for safety reasons. While it is true that some destinations are not recommended for single women, many cities do everything possible to welcome them in the best possible conditions. In a study conducted in January 2023, the tour operator Tourlane listed the best cities to travel alone when you are a woman. And the good news is that JOOKS has sightseeing and sports routes in all of them! So put on your sneakers and dare to go on an adventure!

1- Copenhagen

At the top of the list, the Danish capital has many assets to attract solo travelers: well-lit streets, an extensive public transport network, friendly inhabitants... all in one of the most pleasant cities in the world. JOOKS offers you three routes to discover Copenhagen and its treasures. From the Little Mermaid sculpture to the National Museum of Denmark and the Nyhavn harbor, you won't miss any of the Scandinavian capital's must-sees.

2- Stockholm

The second place of the podium goes to another Scandinavian city, Stockholm. Regularly ranked among the safest cities in the world, the Swedish capital has a very low crime rate and a very efficient police force. The city is also known to be very welcoming, especially for women. Many initiatives and programs are in place to promote gender equality and empower women. Thanks to our fifteen routes, you will be spoilt for choice to discover the secrets of the Venice of the North.

3- Oslo

Like most Nordic countries, Norway is one of the safest places in the world to travel. An extremely low crime rate, an efficient transportation system, open and welcoming people for all visitors, especially women: Oslo has all the ingredients for a perfect solo trip. The Norwegian capital is enchanting with its nearby nature, its openness to the sea, its culture, its architecture and its trendy terraces. You won't miss a thing with our three routes of 5km, 10km and 16km.

4- Singapore

The only non-European city in the ranking, Singapore has everything to please. Solo travelers will appreciate the cleanliness of the streets, the strong sense of security (even late at night), but also the great diversity of the city, where skyscrapers rub shoulders with historic districts and numerous parks and gardens. Measuring less than 50 kilometers from east to west and about 27 kilometers from north to south, Singapore is a city where nothing is far away. Our three routes should be enough to go around the city-state and appreciate all the emblematic places and monuments.

5- Vienna

Known for its famous Schönbrunn Palace and cafes, Vienna is generally considered a safe city for women traveling alone, with a low crime rate and high standard of living. Some hotels and hostels in Vienna even offer women-only floors or rooms, adding to the sense of safety and privacy for solo female travelers. With no less than 27 routes in the Austrian capital, you're bound to find an itinerary that suits you when exploring the city.

6- Barcelona

For those who prefer sunny destinations, Barcelona is the place to be. Spain is known for its friendly and open culture, and Gaudi's city is no exception. The streets are well-lit and have a strong police presence, and violent crime is rare. In addition to its lively and welcoming atmosphere, Barcelona has a tremendous charm and an incomparable cultural and religious heritage. The 30 or so routes available on JOOKS will allow you to explore it all, from the Sagrada Familia to the Güell Park.

7- Helsinki

Helsinki's presence in this ranking confirms, once again, that the Nordic countries are among the safest in the world for women traveling solo. Finnish culture places a high value on respect for rules and the law, and the country regularly tops the world rankings for gender equality and safety. Our three tours will take you on a journey of discovery through Helsinki's architecture, heritage and incredible gardens, making the Finnish capital a true favorite for any woman who dares to venture out on her own.

8- Lisbon

Dynamic and lively, Lisbon is a city with a rich history and culture. It is also a destination where the sun shines almost year-round and the people are friendly and smiling. Lisbon also has an extensive public transportation system and affordable accommodations, including hostels, guesthouses and hotels, that are suitable for solo travelers. All of which is an invitation to discover the city of a thousand colors. With our four routes, the Portuguese capital will hold no secrets for you!

9- London

A cosmopolitan, multicultural, captivating city, London is a must for those who wish to travel solo. Most women who visit London solo find that the city offers a refreshing contrast to their previous experiences. The UK also emphasizes gender equality and women's rights, which helps create a safe and inclusive environment for female travelers. Explore the UK's capital and its many neighborhoods with our 41 routes that take you from the heart of the City to Richmond Park to Wembley.

10- Berlin

Berlin's vibrant nightlife, extensive dining options and unique art scene have contributed to its reputation as Europe's coolest city. Although there is no empirical data to indicate that the German capital is safer for women than other cities, Berlin has implemented a strict zero tolerance policy towards sexual assault and violence against women. With more than 20 routes throughout the city, JOOKS allows you to discover the richness and diversity of Berlin, from the Brandenburg Gate to the Potsdamer Platz.

Find all these routes and more than 1300 others on the JOOKS application!

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