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A new version of JOOKS is out

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

JOOKS continuously evolves thanks to our users all around the world. Today, we are introducing 3 major features:

  1. If you stop your session (or the app inadvertently crashes), you can start it again from where you left it.

  2. If you decide to stop your tour in the middle, the app can guide you back to your starting point (your hotel room, your home, your parking lot...).

  3. Premium users will now have access to tens of exclusive deals and discounts from major providers in the area of sport, tourism, travel, well-being... Here are a few examples which you can see from your profile:

    • Adidas: -9%

    • Decathlon: -5%

    • JBL: -20%

    • Samsung: -20%

    • B&B Hotels: -30%

    • Booking: -4%

    • ASOS: -7%

    • TicketMaster: -5 to -50%

    • Etc.

But the best is yet to come with a new version coming out this summer featuring indoor, video-assisted exercises and a corporate section (JOOKS Pro and JOOKS Care) to help your collaborators be active while at work, in a hotel room, at home, in a hospital room, etc.

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