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A new version of JOOKS is now available!

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The whole team at JOOKS has worked hard during the heat wave and is happy to introduce a new version of JOOKS to improve your holidaying but also prepare for the new school/work year in September.

This new version introduces major new features:

  • Private sections for corporates who wish to have walking meeting routes, onboarding experiences for their collaborators, private running, walking, cycling routes or health paths. Activity and sport are key to your collaborators’ health, wellbeing but also productivity and creativity.

  • Brand new exercises to do while at home, in the office, in a hotel room or on a hospital bed (Premium users only).

  • The featuring of thousands of running, cycling and walking events across the world thanks to our friends at to challenge yourselves, whatever your current level.

  • A brand new GPS guidance for a better, more precise experience.

  • A Japanese version for our Japanese friends but also visitors to Japan who wish to learn the language ;-)

All these new features, plus over 1,300 audio-guided tours, can be found on the JOOKS app.

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