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The most beautiful courses to do in spring

Temperatures are easing, nature is awakening and the sun is returning: all signs that winter is slowly receding to make way for spring. Often accompanied by a feeling of renewal and lightness, this season invites you to travel and stroll. JOOKS has selected for you the most beautiful routes to take in spring, from the Netherlands to Mexico, via Croatia.


Bateaux traditionnels sur le Douro
Traditional boats on the Douro River

A colorful, cosmopolitan city with a preserved heritage and avant-garde architecture, Porto has a special atmosphere and undeniable charm. Before the heat of summer and the crowds of tourists, the spring season is the ideal time to discover the capital of the north. Our route The Undefeated City of Porto will guide you to the most beautiful monuments of Portugal's second city. You'll be enchanted by its impressive religious heritage and azulejos, its historic Lello bookshop and its remarkable town hall.


Ruelle fleurie de Dubrovnik
Flowery alley in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, a city with a thousand years of history, is a veritable open-air museum. Overlooking the sea from its rocky outcrop, the fortified old town is brimming with treasures, and its narrow streets are an invitation to stroll. The arrival of spring means you can enjoy the Dalmatian city in complete tranquillity, far from the hordes of summer tourists. With our In the Shadow of the Walls route, discover the Pearl of the Adriatic: its historic center, an architectural jewel listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its immense ramparts, its Baroque buildings and its crystal-clear waters.


La piazza di Spagna et ses fameux escaliers
Piazza di Spagna and its famous stairs

In spring, Rome is decked out in ochres, pinks and reds, the streets come alive and a soft light envelops the architectural wonders of the Eternal City. All arguments that should convince you to discover Rome and its 2,500 years of history when the warm weather returns. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and a myriad of ancient sites, streets and squares, each more beautiful than the last: don't miss any of the Italian capital's must-sees with our The Colosseum to the Vatican route.


Vue aérienne du centre-ville de Zurich
Aerial view of downtown Zurich

Celebrated every year in Zurich, Sechseläuten is a grand traditional festival marking the transition from winter to spring. The city is reborn, and the first rays of sunshine invite visitors to stroll through the medieval streets of the historic center. Beyond its status as the country's financial capital, Zurich is a cosmopolitan, dynamic city where life is good. Our Zurich by the water route will take you on a tour of its rich heritage and attractive districts, from the shores of Lake Zurich to the banks of the Limmat and Sihl rivers.


L'hôtel Negresco
The Negresco Hotel

If the Côte d'Azur is a hot spot in summer, it's in mid-season that it really comes into its own. Nestled between sea and mountains, Nice bewitches with its turquoise waters, azure skies and the red, yellow and ochre hues of its old town. From architectural and cultural wonders to museums and old palaces, the capital of the Riviera is undeniably seductive. In addition to the Promenade des Anglais, our route The Capital of the French Riviera will enable you to discover everything that makes Nissa la bella so charming: the Place Masséna, the Hôtel Negresco, the Colline du Château and much more.


Les fameux canaux d'Amsterdam sous le soleil
Amsterdam's famous canals in the sunshine

Amsterdam is beautiful in every season, but it's in spring that it comes alive and blossoms. Renowned for its shimmering tulips, the Dutch capital's parks and canals are decked out in their brightest colors in the summer months. Enjoy a pleasant stroll along the water with our Canal Loop route, which takes you from Anne Frank's house to Rembrandt Square, via the emblematic flower market.


Le Parthénon au sommet de l'Acropole
Le Parthénon au sommet de l'Acropole

Hot in summer, humid in winter, Athens is the ideal destination for a spring getaway. While many travel to Athens mainly for the iconic Acropolis, the Greek city abounds in treasures and is well worth a visit. Ancient, mythical but also modern, its lively districts make it a city to live in as much as to visit. Discover the two facets of the cradle of democracy with our Ancient City, Modern City route, from Pnyx Hill to Mount Lycabetta.


La pagode de Chureito et le mont Fuji au loin
Chureito pagoda and Mount Fuji in the distance

In Japan, spring rhymes with cherry blossom. An avalanche of pink and white floods the parks and streets, attracting many curious onlookers, both Japanese and foreign. The tradition of hanami, which consists in appreciating the beauty of flowers, is a veritable hymn to the awakening of nature after the torpor of winter. Marvel at the sight of sakura in bloom on our extensive route The Nipon capital, which takes in a number of parks but also allows you to explore the many temples, the modern district of Shibuya, and experience the originality of Harajuku.

Mexico City

Le palais des Beaux-Arts de Mexico
Mexico City's Palace of Fine Arts

With over seven hundred years of history, Mexico City is a city of contrasts, where tradition and modernity coexist. Although perched at an altitude of over 2,000 meters, it enjoys a warm, dry climate in spring, making it the ideal time to discover the ancient Aztec city. Stroll the streets of Mexico's capital on our route The City of Hope and let yourself be charmed by its incredible heritage, its parks and gardens and its lively streets.

Washington D. C.

Les cerisiers en fleur et le Washington Monument
Cherry blossoms and the Washington Monument

Like Japan, Washington's cherry blossoms are honored every spring during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Our route The Nation's Capital will take you to the heart of the National Mall to admire this spectacle, which will enhance your stroll. You'll also discover a myriad of monuments, vast museums and political institutions known to all. From the Martin Luther King National Memorial to the Library of Congress and the National Postal Museum, you won't soon forget this city!

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