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Running in Trappes: in the heart of the Yvelines region

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Located some 30 kilometers from Paris, Trappes is a dynamic city in constant evolution. This ancient medieval town boasts a rich historical past that is reflected in its extensive heritage. Trappes is also a green lung in the heart of the Yvelines region. JOOKS takes you on a tour of this little-known town, with six tourist and sports routes.

Vue sur la ville
View over the city

While the city has faced social and economic challenges over the past few decades, including problems related to urban development, integration and socio-economic disparities, efforts have been made to improve living conditions and economic prospects for residents. Today, Trappes is a city on the move, with a wide range of services for the population, a large number of quality infrastructures and renowned higher education establishments.

A city steeped in history

Inhabited since Neolithic times, the site developed into a rural village at the crossroads of Roman roads linking Paris to Dreux. In the Middle Ages, Trappes was a renowned trading town and part of the domain of the Abbey of Saint-Denis. The town was fortified, but this did not prevent it from being plundered on numerous occasions. Although nothing remains of these fortifications today, you can still admire the remains of the fortified castle on the site of the Centre Technique Municipal.

During the 16th century, Trappes saw its population grow due to its proximity to Paris and its location on important trade routes. Part of its territory even became part of the Versailles estate, and the Etang de Saint-Quentin was created to supply the palace's fountains and water features.

La Cité des Dents de Scie
The Cité des Dents de Scie

In the 19th century, Trappes underwent a period of rapid industrialization, particularly with the development of the railroads and the establishment of factories and industries. The town gradually became one of the country's most important railway centers. Many reminders of this railroading past can still be seen in the streets of the town. Our cultural route takes you to the Cité des Dents de Scie and the marshalling yard.

Trappes, a green city

With almost 300 square meters of public green space per inhabitant, Trappes is a veritable oasis of greenery. Foremost among these green spaces is the Etang de Trappes, formerly known as the Etang de Saint-Quentin, the largest body of water in the Yvelines region. Now a leisure and open-air park, its western section is a nature reserve and wintering ground for many migratory birds. More than 230 bird species inhabit the 90-hectare reserve.

L'étang de Saint-Quentin et l'Île de loisirs
Etang de Saint-Quentin and Île de loisirs

The town also boasts a number of parks and gardens, such as Parc de la Plaine de Neauphle and Parc du Cèdre, as well as pedestrian walkways such as Sente de Bougainville and Mail de l'Aqueduc, which link various neighborhoods. Our Poumon vert (green lung) route lets you take a deep breath of fresh air and nature, from the Île de loisirs to the Bassin de la Boissière.

A number of initiatives have also been taken by the municipality to bring a touch of nature to the city. Chickens and sheep have been introduced into certain schools, beehives have been set up in certain neighborhoods, gardening workshops are open to residents, etc.

City of sports

Aire de street workout
Street workout area

In addition to the Île de loisirs, which offers a wide range of sporting, aquatic and land-based activities, the town of Trappes has numerous sports facilities accessible to all, spread throughout the commune: several city stadiums, a municipal swimming pool, a Maison des Sports, sports complexes with fencing pistes, handball, basketball, badminton and volleyball courts, dance halls, gymnastics and martial arts studios, and street workout areas. JOOKS offers you two routes that will enable you to take advantage of these outdoor spaces and green areas through a series of sports exercises.

The town has also been awarded the "Ville active et sportive" label (level 3) for its actions in favor of sport. Created in 2017, the aim of this label is to highlight and encourage projects promoting sporting activities in an area. More than 600 towns have been awarded this certification in France.

Find all the Trappes routes on the JOOKS application.

Run, walk or cycle with JOOKS, from the Cité des Dents de scie to the Île de loisirs!

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