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Running in Soumagne : Walks in the Pays de Herve

Located only 15 kilometers from the city of Liège, Soumagne is part of the Herve region, a natural area known for its hilly landscapes, its ancient bocage, and its villages of character. Discover the Walloon town with Jooks by choosing one of the 10 routes proposed by the municipality!

Located on the Hevre plateau, Soumagne is composed of six villages: Tignée-Evegnée, Cerexhe, Melen, Soumagne-Haut, Ayeneux, and Micheroux. Characterized by its landscapes of orchards and meadows with a picturesque charm, Wallonia is very appreciated for its walks but also for its gastronomy, and especially its cheeses.

En marchant ou en courant dans les rues de Soumagne, admirez le bocage du Pays de Herve.
Paysage vallonné de bocages anciens dans le Pays de Herve

A network of greenways, called RAVel, crosses the territory. Created in 1995 by the Region, it follows the old railway line number 38 in Soumagne, which in its entirety extends between the German border and Chênée, in Liège.

To the south of the city, the stream of La Magne, a tributary of the Vesdre, from which the city takes its origin, winds. Although for a long time the stream was called by the Walloon term Ri de Soumagne.

Since the 1960s, a bicycle race has been named after it, the "Grand Prix de La Magne". This sporting event, which takes place every August around the town, has been attended by great champions like Eddy Merckx.

Places to visit

During your run, pass by the village of Ayeneux and its provincial domain. Among the hidden treasures of Soumagne, the castle of Wégimont is certainly one of the most remarkable. The building in the Mosan Renaissance style and its 22 hectares park were converted into a leisure center in 1937, after having been donated to the province of Liege by the Oultremont family.

Une visite incontournable à Soumagne : marcher jusqu'au pied du château de Wégimont.
Château de Wégimont

The castle of Boland, located a few kilometers from Herve, also has some serious assets. Once belonging to the Marquis of Antwerp, the building is nowadays little maintained.

The Bas-Bois coal mine

Apart from country walks, the Herve plateau was also the object of coal mining. This is the case of the Bas-Bois, a former coal mining site exploited from the middle of the 19th century until its closure in 1970.

Courir dans la commune de Soumagne : arrêtez-vous devant le terril du Bas-Bois.
Charbonnage du Bas-Bois à Soumagne

Located at the entrance of the Soumagne Tunnel, the site is illustrated by its metallic "Belle-fleur", an impressive vestige of the economic activity linked to coal.

At the height of its activity there were nearly 500 workers in the galleries connecting the two shafts. The deepest one reached 350 meters.

This mining past is also expressed through the numerous slag heaps present in the region; artificial hills made of accumulated mine waste.

Run with Jooks / Runnin'City from Bas-Bois to Micheroux station!


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