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Less popular summer destinations - summer 2023

While some destinations automatically spring to mind when one thinks of summer vacations - Rome, Barcelona or Marrakech - others seem less obvious. And yet, many of them are well worth a visit. JOOKS has compiled a list of less popular summer destinations that are well worth a visit. Follow the guide!

  • Hamburg

L'église Sainte-Catherine
St. Catherine's Church

For those who can't stand the heat, Hamburg is the perfect summer destination. With temperatures rarely exceeding 30°C, numerous parks, beaches and water activities, Germany's second-largest city has it all. Our fifteen routes will take you from the historic center to the banks of the Alster to discover its must-sees and much more.

  • Bruges

Vieux pont au-dessus du canal
Old bridge over the canal

Beautiful in all seasons, Bruges comes alive in summer with its many festivals and events. With its canals, cobbled streets and magnificent medieval houses, the capital of West Flanders is an inviting place to stroll and step back in time. The Venice of the North will reveal itself to you thanks to our two itineraries which will take you on a tour of the Belgian city's treasures.

  • Cardiff

Le Millenium Centre
The Millenium Centre

A major port city and the country's cultural and economic center, Cardiff may not be the first choice of summer tourists, but it's a city full of charm nonetheless. A capital on a human scale, its people are friendly, its atmosphere festive and its history rich. Discover the UK's smallest capital on your own with our three audio tours.

  • La Rochelle

Le vieux port de La Rochelle
The old port of La Rochelle

Recognizable by its medieval towers, the "white city" knows how to put its assets to good use to win visitors over. Rich in history dating back thousands of years, it is home to many treasures, and its harbor and waterfront give it a special joie de vivre. Thanks to our two routes, discover La Rochelle's astonishing religious history and let yourself be guided along the streets of the old town.

  • Oslo

Vue sur le port et l'hôtel de ville d'Oslo
View of the port and town hall

Contrary to what you might think, summer in Oslo is very pleasant. The days are long and sunny, the temperatures mild and the streets lively. The Norwegian capital is enchanting, with its close proximity to nature, its openness to the sea, its culture, its architecture and its trendy terraces. You won't miss a moment of it with our three routes of 5km, 10km and 16km.

  • Berlin

L'île aux musées
Museum island

Berlin's lively nightlife, extensive dining options and unique art scene have contributed to its reputation as Europe's coolest city. Add to this vast green spaces, numerous urban beaches and a wide choice of outdoor activities, and you've got the recipe for an ideal vacation. With over twenty routes throughout the city, JOOKS lets you discover the richness and diversity of Berlin, from the Brandenburg Gate to Potsdamer Platz.

  • Sofia

Cathédrale Alexandre-Nevski
St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Often overlooked by tourists who prefer the coast, Bulgaria's capital is nevertheless one of Europe's most beautiful cities. With a history dating back to the 7th century B.C., Sofia brilliantly combines the past and the present. Our three routes, between Roman and Byzantine ruins, will give you an incomparable view of Bulgarian history and culture.

  • Rabat

Tour Hassan
Hassan Tower

If you're not afraid of the heat, Morocco is an ideal vacation destination. Often overlooked in favor of Marrakech, Essaouira or Agadir, the Moroccan capital is nonetheless a trendy city, brimming with monuments, cultural and heritage sites. From the old town to the new, from the medina to the Mohammed VI Museum, our three routes will guide you through the imperial capital.

  • Boston

Long Wharf et Custom House en arrière-plan
Long Wharf and Custom House in the background

While cities such as Los Angeles and Miami are often favored by summer vacationers in the U.S., Boston is not to be outdone. The coastal city boasts a wide range of sightseeing and outdoor activities to delight young and old alike. From festivals and concerts to water sports, museums and monuments, Boston is alive and kicking in the summer. JOOKS offers three routes to help you get the most out of your visit.

  • Buenos Aires

Le Congrès national
The National Congress

For those wishing to escape the sometimes scorching summer temperatures of the northern hemisphere, head for Argentina and its capital, Buenos Aires. The months of July and August correspond to winter in this part of the world. These cooler temperatures will enable you to take full advantage of this city of a thousand facets, thanks to our three audio-guided tours. Keep your eyes and ears wide open!

  • Quebec

Vue sur le Château Frontenac
View of the Château Frontenac

The only fortified city north of Mexico, Québec City surprises, charms and amazes. In summer, the old capital vibrates to the rhythm of festivals and other events, the alleyways of Old Quebec reveal themselves in the summer light, and sailboats, kayaks and windsurfers flourish on the St. Lawrence River. With our three routes, you can discover the capital's history through its most emblematic monuments, from the Château Frontenac to the Citadelle and the Observatory.

Find all these cities and more than 300 others on the JOOKS app!

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