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Best routes for business travellers

As well as being a major source of economic spin-offs, business tourism is an excellent way to showcase a region and its heritage. While the primary objective of a business trip is obviously professional, it is also often an opportunity to discover a city or a region. With JOOKS, take advantage of your run to discover the must-sees of your destination. In this article, we've put together our top routes in the cities most frequented by business travellers.


Courir à Londres

Regularly topping the league tables of the most popular cities for business travelers, the British capital has a lot to offer. A hub of finance and business, the City district concentrates a large proportion of services for companies. But beyond the economic aspect, London abounds in emblematic sites that would be a shame to miss. For those in a hurry, our route The essentials in 5km will take you to the capital's must-sees, from Big Ben to Trafalgar Square. If you've got a little more time on your hands, the longer, 10-kilometer version will allow you to take a more in-depth tour.


Courir à Bangkok

An ultramodern city, Bangkok has become a commercial hub in Southeast Asia, attracting a growing number of investors. Attracted by the city's stable infrastructure, tax advantages and quality of life, many foreign companies decide to set up operations here. More and more business travellers are investing in Thailand's capital. And since in Thailand, work and pleasure go hand in hand, take advantage of your stay to explore the city by water with our route Bangkok and its canals, from the banks of the Chao Phraya to Jim Thompson's house.


Courir à Paris

If Paris is THE world's tourist destination par excellence, the French capital is also a must for business travelers. Paris has a lot to offer its business clientele: an excellent public transport network, extensive hotel capacity, modern conference facilities, a wide range of catering options and a rich cultural heritage. Our route The heart of Paris will beat within you... will take you on a tour of this exceptional heritage, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre Museum.


Courir à Sydney

As a major hub in the Asia-Pacific region, Sydney is the epitome of a business that places a premium on quality of life. The Central Business District is located on the seafront and invites workers to reconcile productivity and well-being. Join the throngs of runners who take advantage of their lunch break to stroll through the district and discover the historic heart of the city with our route Sydney Essentials. It takes you past iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, George Street and the Museum of Sydney.

São Paulo

Courir à São Paulo

Often overlooked in favor of the more colorful Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo is nonetheless Latin America's best business city. The economic lungs of Brazil, the megalopolis hosts three-quarters of the country's trade fairs and conventions, and generates almost a fifth of Brazil's GDP. But São Paulo is also home to numerous historic monuments, parks, museums and incomparable gastronomy. Explore the cultural side of the city with our rotue The Paulista Megalopolis, which takes you from the São Paulo Museum of Art to the Praça da República, via Avenida Paulista - one of the city's most famous thoroughfares.


Courir à Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be one of Europe's smallest countries, but it's not short on ambition. For several years now, the Duchy has been striving to become one of the top 50 destinations for business tourism, and has given itself the means to do so: hypermodern infrastructures, a multilingual and multicultural environment and top-quality services. All this in a fairytale setting, with the capital featuring a fortress encircled by the River Alzette, perched atop a rocky outcrop. Our Must-See route will take you on a short tour of the most emblematic places in this ideal location for combining business, culture and relaxation.


Courir à mIlan

Not just a fashion capital, Milan is also a business metropolis and home to a large number of internationally renowned companies. Strategically positioned between northern and southern Europe, the capital of Lombardy has become a popular destination for business travelers. The Italian art of living and the city's rich cultural heritage also contribute to its appeal. Discover all the secrets of Italy's second-largest city with our route From the Center to the Navigli, which takes you from the Duomo to the famous La Scala theater.


Courir à Madrid

As the world's leading destination for business events and meetings, and Europe's top meeting tourism destination, Madrid is racking up the awards, proving that the Spanish capital has a lot going for it. The north of the city, in particular the AZCA district, is becoming a world-class business hub. But it would be a shame to confine ourselves to this district alone, when the royal city has so much to offer. From Paseo del Prado to Almudena Cathedral, visit the center of Madrid from top to bottom with our route Centro #2. Along the way, you'll pass the Espacio Fundación Telefónica, the Basilica of San Miguel and the Casa de Cervantes.

New York

Courir à New York

A megalopolis in constant metamorphosis, New York is the city of business tourism par excellence. As influential economically as it is culturally, the Big Apple offers a dynamic, diverse and high-performance environment for business travelers, as well as a wealth of entertainment and cultural options. With our route A jaunt through New York City, you'll get close to some of New York's most famous landmarks, including Central Park, MoMA and Times Square.


Courir à Genève

Renowned as a first-rate business center, Geneva boasts significant economic potential and numerous investment opportunities. Nicknamed "the smallest of the great capitals", the city of Calvin boasts a business district that reflects its image, international yet on a human scale. Nestled between the Rhone River and the historic city center, the district is centrally located, making it easy to explore the city. Our short route In the center of Geneva will guide you there, with commentary on the places of interest, from the Old Town to the Kings' Cemetery.

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