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Unique sport tourism experiences

Running, walking, cycling & wheel chairing routes & experiences to feature your urban, natural or cultural heritage

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CES Innovation Award

2019 CES  

Premio innovazione

CES Innovation Award win for JOOKS

2019 CES  

Premio innovazione

What do we do?

We create digital & audio-guided sports tourism routes (running, walking, cycling, wheelchair, health path, etc.) in your territory within the JOOKS application. 

JOOKS is an award-winning app that allows users to (re)discover hundreds of destinations around the world while running, walking, cycling or wheelchairing.

Your routes, which will become free for all users, can be of different...

  • ... nature (tourism, themed routes, health routes, training routes, challenges, ...),

  • ... distance (from a few hundred metres for health paths to several kilometres for sports discovery routes, or even hundreds of kilometres for bike routes),

  • ... difficulty taking into account the needs of beginners, “casual athletes" and performers.

JOOKS pour les collectivités

Outdoor routes

JOOKS provides a series of curated, outdoor, audio-guided tours in your destination (city, village, countryside...), but also routes all around the world to keep on discovering new and interesting places while running, walking, cycling or wheel-chairing. Premium users can also create their own routes at the touch of a button. 

JOOKS pour les collectivités villes départements

Video-assisted exercises

JOOKS gives the user access to simple, yet effective video-assisted exercises within our fascinating tours (outdoor), but also indoor exercises to do at home, in a hotel room or in the office. 

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Well-being deals

JOOKS Premium users get access to hundreds of exceptional ethical, sports, health and well-being deals to improve their purchasing power. 


The benefits are numerous for tourists, business travellers, residents and the whole tourism ecosystem (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. 

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Enhance your urban, natural and cultural heritage for residents, while attracting more business travellers and tourists.

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Offer yourselves a unique communication opportunity throughout the year. 

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Generate concrete revenues for local businesses: 72% of users spend €15 on average during the day. 16% of users stay overnight and spend an average of €120. 

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Contribute to a better environment: we plant a tree with Planète Urgence for every 100km travelled by the community on your territory.

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Allow people to reclaim public space for outdoor physical activities.

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Get residents and visitors moving to improve their health, well-being and professional efficiency. 

Come funziona?

Concept de JOOKS pour les collectivités
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